There are a number of different strategies you can use to sell your home. But there’s one marketing strategy that many sellers are unaware of that can be a great way to market your home—a broker’s open house.

But what, exactly, is a broker’s open house? How is it different from a regular open house? And how can it help you sell your home?

recent article from answered key questions for sellers about broker’s open houses, including:

  • What is a broker’s open house? Unlike typical open houses, which are open to anyone who wants to attend (for example, potential buyers or curious neighbors), a broker’s open house limits the guest list to real estate agents and other real estate industry professionals.
  • What happens at a broker’s open house? A broker’s open house generally takes place within the first few days of your home hitting the market. Your agent will use the broker’s open house as an opportunity to network with other agents, market your property, and get other professionals’ insights and opinions on the home.
  • How do broker’s open houses benefit sellers? A broker’s open house benefits sellers by getting their property in front of other agents early on in the listing process. That way, agents can decide which of their clients would be interested in the property and take them to see it ASAP, getting more qualified buyers in the door sooner—which can help the home sell faster.